As part of our vision for creating an enabling environment for the film industry in Nigeria, the Nigerian Film Corporation through its Legal Services Unit offers to Nigerian film practitioners pro bono legal services which include the following:

a)      Incorporation of businesses;

b)      Drafting of contracts;

c)      Registration of intellectual property;

d)      Arbitration;

e)      Documentation and other sundry legal services.

The pro bono legal service is a bid by the Corporation to streamline frictions and legal tussle within the industry and to create an enabling environment for film activities to thrive in Nigeria.

The Legal Services Unit has also introduced the use of conciliation and mediation (ADR) as a means of settling disputes between industry practitioners. This process is cheap, private, efficient and informal.

The Legal Services Unit of the Nigerian Corporation is adequately positioned with hardworking, dedicated, efficient and highly trained staff to carry out the above.

We therefore urge you to take this gainful opportunity of our legal clinic and pro bono legal services to advance the course of your businesses.

Stop by at our office at 218T Liberty Dam Road, Jos for further enquiries and details of our services.