The Corporation has the mandate of planning, promoting and organizing an integrated and efficient growth and development of the Nigerian film industry. Its responsibilities include:  The production of films for domestic consumption and export;  The establishment and maintenance of facilities for film production;  The encouragement of the production by Nigerians of films through financial and other forms of assistance;  The encouragement of the development of cinematograph theatres in Nigerian by Nigerians by way of financial and other forms of assistance;  The provision of facilities for training and archiving of film, sound and video materials, like the Shoot training programme, etc  The acquisition and distribution of films;  Industry support services;  Film festivals and the Nigeria International Film festivals;  Conducting of research into matters pertaining to film and the industry as a whole  The carrying out of such or other activities as may be necessary and expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred under or pursuant to the Act establishing the NFC.

Vision Statement

“To be the leading film industry that projects Africa’s culture and tradition to the world.”

Mission Statement

“To develop a Nigerian Film Industry that is globally competitive”


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