About Us

Other key functions of the Corporation, which has continuously improved on its services and with deep focus of ensuring the entrenchment of a film industry and culture industry that provides opportunities for job creation are the acquisition and distribution of films, as well as the establishment and maintenance of a national film archive.

The NFC has continued to demonstrate its capacity and willingness to deliver on its mandate. Consequently, over the years, the Corporation has made efforts to impact positively first, on the socio-economy of Nigeria with the objective of situating film making as a business venture. In line with the above, the Corporation has identified key critical areas of film production activities and as always, is frontally providing the necessary environment for the overall development of Nigeria’s creative industry.

Under the following rubrics- Training on Skills and Capacity Building; Film Archiving, Industry Support Services, Co-Production, Equipment Rentals, Consultancy Service, Film Festival & Markets, the NFC has conceptualized a robust approach in developing a vibrant motion picture industry that promotes Nigeria’s rich cinema heritage globally as well as being a leading film industry that projects Africa’s culture and tradition to the world. .



“To be the leading film industry that projects Africa’s culture and tradition to the world.”


“To develop a Nigerian Film Industry that is globally competitive”

Our Mandate

The Corporation’s mandate is to grow and develop a viable film industry for Nigeria through the following activities;

  • Acquisition and Maintenance of facilities for film production;
  • The encouragement of production by Nigerians of films through training and capacity building.
  • The maintenance of National Film and Video Sound Archive;
  • The provision of facilities for training and advancement of skills and talents of persons employed in the Nigerian film industry generally, and the conduct of research into matters pertaining to the film industry as a whole;
  • Establishment and Maintenance of facilities at the NFI.
  • Collaboration and partnership with Agencies and other development agencies.
  • Development of Foreign Linkages and Partnerships.